About us

Plan of operation of the UMa Observatory

Public viewing programs and presentations

Monthly viewing evenings (so called Starry nights) using astronomical telescopes to show bright objects visible each month. In case of bad weather, audiovisual presentations and informal talks will be offered together with telescopic demonstrations.

Telescopic viewing nights for special astronomical phenomena (new bright comets, planets, solar and lunar eclipses, etc), interesting astronomical presentations by invited professional and amateur astronomers (announced or by request)

Monthly informal talks with audiovisual presentations or telescopic programs for groups (by request).

Scientific research work (non-public activities)

Observations (minor planet and comet astrometry, variable stars, meteors, astrophotography).

Depending on the equipment, taking part in minor planet observing programs (observing and following NEO objects, searching for lost ones).

Solar observations.

Broadening and developing our existing Hungarian connections, cooperating with the professional observatory in Modra-Piesok (Slovakia) and creating new international relationships.

Taking part in special observational activities and announced international programs.

Educational activities

Presentations and activities for high schools as part of their learning process (on regular basis depending on demand).

Organising competitions and science activities for primary schools.

Evening group activities for schools.

Helping public and school interest groups.

Organising already well-known summer camps (for high schools).

Depending on instrumentation, providing observational and learning opportunities for university students.