Privacy policy

General policy

The webpage (or webpage) is administered by UMa Astronomical Association at 930 52 Blahova 54, Slovakia (or administrator). Any visitor to the webpage is classified as the user of the webpage (or user).

The webpage of the UMa Astronomical Association can be accessed by anybody without revealing personal information and is granted access to the webpage and linked sites holding information about activities of the UMa Astronomical Association.

Log information

The administrator does not in any way store personal data about the users. However, while a user is visiting the webpage and its linked sites, some information will be collected (i.e. IP address, date of visit, statistics regarding visited pages) in order to monitor service performance and operation and to prevent abuse. In order to provide a personalized service to users, the administrator copies a small data package, a cookie, to the users’ computer. Apart from the administrator, Google Analytics also has access to statistical data and may place a cookie on users’ PC. Privacy policy of Google Analytics can be found here: Cookies can be freely deleted from users’ computers. Provided name and email address of users is exclusively used by administrator for keeping contact, are only stored for necessary time and never passed onto third parties.

Submitted content

Users bear responsibility for accuracy and content reality of submitted digitalized content or otherwise provided data to the webpage administrator. The webpage administrator may publish this content on the webpage for educational and informative purposes. Also, the provided content may be used by UMa Astronomical Association in their informative materials or leaflets. Any other usage of the provided content will be discussed by the administrator with its owner.

In case you have further inquiries regarding the data protection listed above, contact the webpage administrator.